Math 201W:
Undergraduate Seminar II
- Fall 2007

   Alexander Teplyaev

    office: MSB M222
    office hours:   see contact information

course time and room:
W 5:30--6:20pm, MSB 319

course web page:


This is the second part of Math 200/201W sequence. Completion of both courses will fulfill a W requirement within the Mathematics Department.
More detailed description is here.

The first class meeting: Wednesday, August 29, 5:30--6:20pm, MSB 319

Catalog description: Math 201W. Undergraduate Seminar II Either semester. One credit. Prerequisite: MATH 200; ENGL 110 or 111 or 250. Open to sophomores or higher. The student will attend 6-8 seminars per semester, and choose one mathematical topic to investigate in detail. The student will write a well-revised, comprehensive paper on this topic, including a literature review, description of technical details, and a summary and discussion, building upon the writing experience in MATH 200.