A. Teplyaev
TTH 12.30-1.45 MSB 211

Midterm exam 1 on Tuesday, March 11
Midterm exam 2 on Thursday, April 17
Final exam on Thursday, May 15 1-3pm in MSB 211
Link to HW assignments

    office: MSB M222
    office hours:   TTH 10:45-11:30, 1:45-2:30
    email:  teplyaevmath.uconn.edu


Complex Variables and Applications, 6th edition, by J.W.Brown and R.V.Churchill

There will be two midterm exams and the final exam. The two midterm exams will be scheduled during weeks ##6-7 and #11-12 in class. In addition, a few quizes will be given in class. Homework assignments will be posted on this web page each week. Link to HW assignments

Homework & Quizes 15%
Worst Midterm Exam 15%
Best Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam40%

THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUP EXAMINATIONS GIVEN DURING THE SEMESTER FOR STUDENTS WHO MISS THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED HOUR EXAM. If a student misses one hour exam because of justified and well documented circumstances, his/her grade on the portion of the final examination covering the material on which the exam was based will be fairly weighted and used to replace the missing grade. Students are permitted to miss two exams only under dire and documented circumstances. Students who miss the final exam must receive permission from the office of the Dean of Students to make up the final, and receive the grade "Absent" in the interim. "Incomplete" or "Absent" grades must be made up by the third week of the next semester. Students MUST see their instructor during the first week of classes in order to schedule the makeup exam.