A. Teplyaev
Math 274 Spring 2005

MWF 11:00-11:50 MSB 307

Link to HW assignments

Test 1: Friday, February 25.
Test 2: Friday, April 8.

Final Exam: Tuesday May 3, 1--3pm.
Material: all the HW assignments, except section 9.5.
Three handwritten pages of notes are allowed.
Extra office hours: Monday May 2, 9--11am and Tuesday May 3, 9--11am.

    Office: MSB M222.
    Office hours:
    Monday 12:00-12:50
    Monday 1:00-1:50
    Wednesday 10:00-10:50
    or by appointment
(email:  teplyaevmath.uconn.edu)



M.H.Protter, C.B.Morrey
A First Course in Real Analysis
Springer Verlag
The textbook can be bought at amazon at a lower price than at the uconn co-op. This course is a direct continuation of Fall 2004 Math273. In particular, the textbook is the same.


Homework - 20%
Midterm Exam 1 - 20%
Midterm Exam 2 - 20%
Final Exam - 40%