Math 3094 (formerly 297) Undergraduate Seminar:
Analysis and Probability on Fractals

   Alexander Teplyaev

    office: MSB M222
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    phone: (860)486-3206

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Differential Equations on Fractals: A Tutorial by Robert Strichartz
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069112731X

Course description

The course is an introduction to analysis on fractals. This subject can involve such diverse topics as analysis, probability, differential equations, linear algebra, electrical networks etc. It gives a good opportunity to show how different areas of mathematics are combined together to form a unified theory. The exposition is going to be down to earth and require little background beyond the basic courses. There will be a choice of projects of various types and difficulty, which can be purely theoretical or involve computers. The aim of the projects will be exploration of differential equations and various operators on fractal domains.

The course itself will be organized to provide background for the chosen projects. The exact format will be determined with the input of the participants. When this course was offered before, the projects resulted in three published papers with students as co-authors, see

Besides being interesting, taking part in such research projects may be very useful in the future (for instance, when applying to graduate schools). The course satisfies departmental requirements for the math major and minor.