MATH 332: Fractal Geometry:
Mathematical Foundations and
Applications - Spring 200?

   Alexander Teplyaev

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Fractal Geometry: Mathematical
Foundations and Applications

by Kenneth Falconer
* Paperback: 366 pages
* Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
* 2nd edition
* ISBN: 0470848626


Course description

The course will follow the celebrated book by Kenneth Falconer with the same title, which recently had its second paperback edition (the table of contents is available at If time permits, the material can be supplemented by other topics, such as differential equations and/or probability on fractals. No background is required beyond a basic Real Analysis course such as Math301.

Book description: since its original publication in 1990, Kenneth Falconer's "Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications" has become a seminal text on the mathematics of fractals. It introduces the general mathematical theory and applications of fractals in a way that is accessible to students from a wide range of disciplines. This new edition has been extensively revised and updated. It features much new material, many additional exercises, notes and references, and an extended bibliography that reflects the development of the subject since the first edition.
* Provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the mathematical theory and applications of fractals.
* Each topic is carefully explained and illustrated by examples and figures.
* Includes all necessary mathematical background material.
* Includes notes and references to enable the reader to pursue individual topics.
* Features a wide selection of exercises, enabling the reader to develop their understanding of the theory.
* Supported by a Web site featuring solutions to exercises, and additional material for students and lecturers.