Math 5311 : Introduction to Geometry and Topology II
Spring 2011
Alexander Teplyaev

course time and room: MWF 10-10:50pm, MSB 118 (we've discussed the optimal time)

The course is open for all graduate students who passed 5310, and to other students by permission (don't hesitate to ask).

office: MSB M222 -- office hours: check this link
phone: (860)486-3206




Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by John M. Lee

Course description

The plan is to cover the basics of differentiable manifolds following the textbook (at least up to de Rham theorem, chapter 16), add some other important theorems (Tychonoff, Hodge), and also discuss what can and what can not be done for simple but less studied spaces (infinite products, fractals).